Field-Proven Separation and Filtration Services

Whether you’re trying to empty out a storage tank or treat the semi-liquid sludge produced by your wastewater treatment plant, our proven separation and filtration services are a perfect match for oil refineries and storage terminals with an eye on their bottom line.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we’ve processed at least 500,000 cubic metres of refinery waste – and achieved 80-90% waste reduction on projects for blue-chip companies in the UK, Europe and beyond.

We can handle all aspects of sludge and effluent treatment, recover valuable hydrocarbons and free up wasted tank space, as well as helping you work towards full regulatory compliance.

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Hands-On Support That Reduces Waste & Cuts Costs

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Scalable support for Tank Cleaning & Recovery

We support tank and vessel cleaning specialists commissioned to free up valuable storage space – or ensure that storage tanks and vessels can be properly inspected and certified in line with EEMUA 159, API 653 and other relevant industry standards.

As seasoned experts, we’re ideally placed to help you treat the heavily contaminated sludge and effluent that builds up in storage vessels. We have the technical expertise needed to recover valuable hydrocarbons and separate sludge into solid and liquid waste streams that can be treated in accordance with even the most stringent environmental regulations.

Separo's field-proven process and reliable equipment is used to remove:

  • Inorganic solids like sand, iron sulfides or iron oxides
  • Asphaltenes
  • Toxic heavy metals
  • Non aqueous phase liquids
  • Salts and scale
  • Waxes and other contaminants

Clients all over the globe rely on our support services because they ensure regulatory compliance, cut down on waste and reduce or eliminate the need to transport large amounts of contaminated sludge and effluent to an off-site facility.

Our support services are also prized because they’re easy to scale. As a specialist with over 20 years of industry experience, we have the logistical experience and infrastructure needed to get large systems incorporating multiple centrifuges on site and operational in a matter of days. 

We can also scale down operations as you work through a backlog of tanks or storage vessels, enabling you to cut down on wastage and keep costs low.

Find Out About Our Sludge Separation and Recovery Services

Case Study

Emptying A Large Ballast Storage Tank

We helped a blue-chip oil company empty and treat sludge from the UK’s largest ballast storage tank, despite the fact that it was stored at one of the most remote and inaccessible crude oil storage terminals in the country.

Proven and effective TAR & Shutdown Support

Scheduled turnarounds are a necessary evil; forcing you to offline part of your plant to carry out essential cleaning, maintenance, inspections and upgrades. All told, they’re probably one of the biggest line items in your yearly maintenance budget and they’re surprisingly easy to mismanage – with costs increasing as issues are discovered and new equipment has to be brought in.

We help refinery operators stay on top of their scheduled turnarounds by providing proven waste management services that are designed to cope with the large volumes of sludge and effluent produced during a shutdown.

Our systems are field tested and highly scalable, allowing us to process semi-solid and liquid waste at a rate commensurate with the pace of your project. We can also supply the highly trained engineers and fluid waste experts needed to keep your TAR moving along when issues do - inevitably - crop up, which makes us an ideal partner for any large or budget-sensitive maintenance project.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, we’re adept at getting in, and getting on with the job.

The systems we use have official ATEX certification (typically ATEX Group II, Category II) which means that they’re rated for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, and they can process and purify industrial waste in line with all the relevant environmental and industry regulations.

More About Our Industrial Waste Services

Case study

Supporting A German Refinery During A Challenging TAR

We deployed innovative fluid waste treatment systems to help a major German refinery process the waste produced by their cleaning and maintenance operations.

Field-proven and cost effective Sludge & Effluent Separation Services

From heavily-contaminated process water to stormwater and the dirty ballast water collected from tankers , most refineries produce large amounts of contaminated effluent.

This wastewater is normally filtered and recycled in specialised treatment plants. But even the most efficient refinery wastewater treatment plants produce a relatively small but significant stream of semi-liquid sludge.

As sludge and effluent specialists with over 20 years of hands-on experience, we’re ideally placed to help you treat this secondary waste stream at source. Using a combination of high speed centrifuges, separators and filters, we can process waste biproducts (such as DAF float, oily water, slops and interceptor waste), and in doing so further reduce the quantity of material requiring disposal whilst recovering good quality oil and water.

If you supply, support or manage wastewater treatment solutions on a refinery or storage terminal, we can help you

  • Reduce the need to ship semi-liquid sludge to off-site treatment facilities
  • Recover valuable hydrocarbons
  • Meet waste-reduction targets
  • Improve regulatory compliance

As industry regulations start to tighten - and increasingly stringent environmental legislation is introduced - a growing number of operators are turning to sludge separation experts who can help them treat contaminated effluent in situ.

Our sludge and effluent experts use field-proven and adaptable technology to deliver dependable support services all over the world, and we take a lot of pride in the work we do.

More About Our Sludge & Effluent Management Services

Treating Produced Water

Because we’re experienced and reliable contractors with a reputation for getting the job done, you can rely on us to support any aspect of your industrial waste problem. We’ve worked with refineries all over the UK and Europe, we’re intimately familiar with the relevant environmental legislation and we operate proven systems that are guaranteed to reduce waste and lower your overheads.

If you’d like to talk to us about supporting your operations, please use the contact form below. One of our engineers will reach out to discuss your project and explain our capabilities in more detail.

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