Produced Water Management

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who design, build, install, support and maintain filtration systems which can be tailored to your individual requirements. We will also train and advise your offshore personnel so that they can look after the system on a day-to-day basis.

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Remove contaminants at source

Oil In Water Filtration

Oil and gas assets often experience oil in water levels in excess of disposal limitations, particularly at startups and shutdowns, which can mean costly transportation of the produced water to onshore facilities where it can be safely treated.

Scalable Filtration That Delivers Results

Our systems can filter produced water with oil in water levels over 1000ppm and reduce it to below 30ppm to allow it to be disposed of on the seabed.

The residual waste will be captured in the filter media in our vessels which absorb all the contaminants. The filter media are sent back to shore to be cleaned and reactivated. 

With typical use of four cubic metres per hour the filtration vessels will operate for up to four months before they need to be replaced, making them a very cost-effective solution over the long-term.

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Filter media
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Cost-effective, plug and play

SepSORB® Filtration System

Our range of SepSORB® vessels provides the flexibility to handle any flow rate. Our smaller vessel is capable of handling 12 cubic metres an hour, and our larger model can handle 20 cubic metres an hour. However, we can also combine vessels and run them in parallel to handle higher flow rates as required.

Purpose-Built For Offshore Platforms

The smaller units measure 1.2m2 and the next size up are 1.6m2. When combined on site the vessels require a remarkably small footprint of just 15m2 in total.

The saturation weight of each small unit is approximately 2.5 tonnes. A typical installation of two SepSORB® units, plus a pump and pre-screening units would weigh 7-10 tonnes in total. The larger units weigh 4.7 tonnes when saturated and in use, so installed weight is around 50 tonnes in total.

A Case Study

Filtering produced water for an E&P company in the North Sea

Learn how the SepSORB® filtration system was installed on a North Sea oil rig, and used to reduce the hydrocarbon content of produced water to below 30ppm.

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We'll send out dedicated

Offshore Personnel

Our engineer will install the plug and play equipment on your site and train your local personnel to operate it. We supply you with method statements, risk assessments and lifting procedures so that your team have everything they need for normal day-to-day operation.

Straightforward Set-Up And Maintenance

As it is a closed system, there is a very small risk of any leakage or other issues requiring specialist attention. The entire system is protected by pressure relief valves which will release automatically if needed. Regular checks are normally all that will be required.

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Avoid hefty fines

OSPAR Compliance

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Using our SepSORB® filtration system you can confidently meet the regulatory limitation of 30ppm for disposing of produced water at source. By doing so you not only avoid potential hefty fines and bad publicity but you also reduce the costly and time consuming need to fly in samples for checking on a daily or weekly basis.

What is OSPAR?

Taking care of your produced water

The Process

  1. Rig and platform survey
  2. Analysis of waste/produced water
  3. Bespoke solutions tailored to the needs of the operation/location
  4. Engineering & design (p&id, drawings and specifications)
  5. Engagement with client engineers and planners
  6. Equipment installation and commissioning
  7. 24/7 technical and logistical support
  8. Decontamination & NORM related services (via 3rd party)

SepSORB® - Your Questions Answered

What levels of oil in water can you treat?

Any level can be brought back to below 30ppm

What is the capacity the vessels can handle?

Vessels can be combined to treat any level or flow rate

What is the total footprint of the equipment?

15m2 typically

What residual waste is there?

Residual waste is captured in the filtration media which can be replaced easily

What is the total weight of the system?

10 tonnes for smaller units and 50 tonnes for the larger units, inclusive of pumps

How long does the filtration media last?

3-4 months with typical usage

How many Separo personnel are needed offshore?

None after it is installed. One to install

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